3 Biggest Mistakes Thriving Professionals Make When Raising Their Children with Dr. Sandhya Dayal [Limitless MD, Episode 71]


How do high performers raise well-rounded, high performance children? You’re striving to become limitless in achieving your goals, but how can you help your children do the same? Take your parenting to the next level in this episode of Limitless MD, where Vikram Raya speaks with performance and leadership coach Sandhya Dayal. 

Sandhya brings her decades of expertise in coaching companies and business leaders to the home front, sharing strategies for becoming a high performing parent. Learn how to increase your child’s emotional intelligence, prepare them for jobs that aren’t even invented yet, and prevent unconscious bias when it comes to dealing with your kids. Sandhya also shares tips for communicating with your children, plus the three biggest mistakes that high performing parents make. 

If you’re stressed out and exhausted trying to provide the best life for your family, and want to make the most of your precious time with your children, this episode is for you!

“The skill sets I’m teaching are really about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is going to help your child be more confident at school. If they’re confident in school, they’re gonna be more focused academically. They’re gonna thrive socially.”
– Sandhya Dayal

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:06 Introducing Sandhya Dayal

2:29 The special sauce is communication – this is what sets great companies apart

4:15 Dealing with feelings of guilt for not bringing your best self to your children

5:17 By the time your children are 18 years old, 90% of the time you will spend with them will be over

7:19 Understanding how unconscious bias can affect your children

9:50 How to recognize your child’s unique motivations

10:29 Understand your own communication style

11:07 Sandhya’s strategies for improving communication styles for families

12:10 How emotional intelligence skills can help children become high performers

16:17 How you can work with Sandhya 

16:57 The positive impact that improving communication skills can have for CEOs, parents, and teachers

19:28 Outro

Resources mentioned:
Download Sandhya Dayal’s free guide for parents to learn how to recognize their own unconscious bias at https://www.refreshr.pro/ 



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