5 Hidden Secrets To Success That Nobody Has Told You About [Limitless MD, Episode 50]


What if you could create generational wealth without quitting your day job? In this podcast, Dr. Vikram Raya combines the best of the best to make this episode full of strategies, tips, and ways on how you can create multiple streams of income without having to quit your job, how the language you use affects your sales, and what the hell incantations are. Find out how simply saying ‘Yes’ can help you achieve your goals. Vikram delves into where successful people spend their time and how they prioritize their mornings. 

“I want to equip our listeners with the best strategies, the best tactics to really reclaim their greatness and make 2022 the best year ever.” 

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:


00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:35 When is the right time to quit your job?

00.44 Compound interest and creating generational wealth

00:51 Leverage your property and create passive income by collecting rent

1:41 Creating a digital product and collecting royalties

2:51 Start a business on the side and invest the money wisely

4:47 How many streams of income does the average millionaire have?

4:55 Unconscious incompetence vs. conscious incompetence vs. conscious competence

8:22 Giving ‘good phone’ and the impact it can have on your business

9:56 What are incantations and why are they so powerful?

10:34 The 3 S’s – state, story, and strategy

12:42 The power of ‘Yes’

14:33 Where do successful people spend their time?

15:10 What should the first 1.5 hours of your day be spent doing?

16:14 What time of day do most people have the most disciplined willpower?

22:44 Outro




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