7 Income Streams to Become a Spare Time Millionaire [Limitless MD, Episode 41]


If there’s one thing the average millionaires have in common, it would be how their income is generated. The majority of the self-made millionaires have 7-9 streams of income and what’s amazing about this is the fact that they only attend to them during their spare time. 

If you’re wondering about the fastest way to become a 7-figure earner, tune in to this episode! Vikram shares simple strategies and income streams you can start ASAP to help you become a millionaire MD. It’s time to stop cursing your job and start working on these valuable tips, instead.


“Becoming a millionaire is a daily grind with the ultimate intention of an abundance of wealth, of freedom, of money.”

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:48 An ordinary doctor can become a millionaire by building 7 income streams

01:07 News Flash: you don’t become a millionaire in a snap of a finger. Here’s the real deal…

01:58 Here are the 7 ways you can elevate yourself to the millionaire status

04:27 Figure out how to monetize your expertise and what assets are worth investing in

05:46 Podcast Outro


Resources mentioned: 

– Flip MD – https://flip-md.com/




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