7 Steps to a Limitless Life [Limitless MD, Episode 84]


In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about the Limitless MD “Pyramid of Mastery”. It’s a hierarchy of needs based on seven categories in life. Ignore any of them, and everything else gets knocked out of balance. Master them all, and you’ll be optimizing your life with a bulletproof mindset and a bounty of internally-generated joy and satisfaction.

The seven categories are (in order of importance) vitality-energy, mindset motivation, time and productivity, relationships, career and mission, wealth and lastly, legacy/impact and purpose. In this episode, we’ll talk through each of these categories. 

Tune in to discover:

  • Tips for creating a high energy state in the morning to fuel you for the day
  • How to avoid what I call “hedonic adaptation”
  • Strategies for gaining control of your time and maximizing productivity

Once you’ve mastered the first few categories, then you can move on to deeper questions, like understanding your true mission on earth. If you’re ready to move towards fulfilling your highest purpose, don’t miss this episode!


“The more you can add value to the world, to your friends, to your family, the more joy you’ll have” – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

1:31 Instead of trying to achieve everything on your wishlist, create a hierarchy of needs

3:11 Vitality-energy should be the first category you pursue – this is your foundation

3:56 Vikram’s tips for creating a high energy state in the morning

05:18 The mindset of a champion means always wanting to be the best version of yourself 

6:44 Money can’t buy the joy of doing a good job, or earning the respect of your peers or colleagues

8:17 Time blocking, working in 90-minute windows and using the 90-day sprint are keys to becoming efficient

8:48 Your relationships are the key to the juice of life, and the most important relationship is the one with yourself

10:34 Align your mission in life with what you’re being paid to do

11:16 When you reach the wealth threshold, you can use your money to make the world a better place

13:00 Avoid getting worked up about the minor things in life. Focus on being a force for positivity

Resources Mentioned:
Hierarchy of Needs

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