A Physician's Guide to Mastering Mindset, Productivity & Time - Part 1 [Limitless MD, Episode 85]


Today I have a special gift for you. I’ve done a webinar for some of my clients called “A Physician’s Guide to Mastering Mindset, Productivity & Time.” I am convinced that mindset, productivity and time mastery are the critical foundations for physicians, entrepreneurs, and high-performance human beings. If you focus on incorporating the frameworks I share, you will definitely become limitless. 

This is Part 1, and here I specifically talk to you about the following: 

  • The Japanese concept of Ikigai and how it encapsulates what you are meant to be doing with your life
  • Why creating goals with different time frames is vital for consistency
  • How to create exponential growth 
  • 90-day sprints as a way to connect daily goals with big ambitions 
  • Work-life counterbalance and how to take care of what’s an actual priority 

These are some of the gems, frameworks and mindsets that have helped me in my life, career, and journey toward being the best version of myself. When listening to this episode, take what’s important to you and discard the rest. Only use what’s useful, and remember that the most important thing is to take ACTION. 


“There is no work-life balance. There is work-life counterbalance. Essentially, you need to always balance certain things in your life, so they always stay in a sort of safe pattern.” – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

1:26 Today, I will share good quality information that will create the two-millimeter shifts in your life that will have a tremendous impact in your journey

3:11 Knowledge without application is the highest form of ignorance

4:37 Japanese concept of Ikigai 

07:24 Once you understand who you want to become, you can identify goals with different time frames  

8:20 How to create exponential growth 

9:26 The secret to connecting your daily goals with your biggest ambitions is using 90-day sprints 

10:47 The 12 Week Year concept and the gamification of your life 

12:13 Work-life counterbalance and how to juggle different priorities

Resources Mentioned:
– Ikigai – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikigai

– 12 Week Year – https://12weekyear.com/ 

– Peter Drucker – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Drucker


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