A powerhouse in every field he sets his eyes on, Vikram leaves no stone unturned.

In the field of medicine Vikram is an award winning cardiologist, international speaker, and functional medicine specialist. He has helped thousands of individuals overcome their heart and health challenges and eventually pioneering a pro-active cardiology paradigm that has led to the launch of the Vitology institute.

Through his real estate company, Viking Capital,
Vikram has a total of over $370 Million of assets acquired and is growing, while raising over $100
Million of private capital. His vision is to get to the elusive $1 Billion of acquisitions in the next 3 years.
He has been honored by Forbes Business Council
and has been named Top 50 Outstanding Asian Americans in Business.

Having studied high performance, motivational psychology, business, and behavioral metrics, Vikram is now mentoring, teaching, and coaching others on how to uncover their inner legend. He has launched Viking University, which teaches the fundamentals on how to start, grow, and scale a real estate syndication business from scratch.

Vikram also shows people how to live their lives with true vitality through Vitology Institute, which allows others to optimize their human potential through functional medicine and bio-hacking. He also guides an small elite but extraordinary group of physicians with his coaching program Limitless MD in business and high performance.

Vikram and his amazing wife Ramona strongly support providing education to impoverished girls in developing countries with the charity Girl Rising.

Recently invited to speak at CNN Center and share the stage with Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew and Evander Holyfield, Vikram discussed the principle of the 5 Freedoms which created a major pivot in his life.

What drives Vikram is to viscerally pierce through a person’s limiting anchors and elevate them to a world class performer in any field or profession.

He loves to give back by teaching others how they can truly live an epic life on their own terms, whether it’s through building wealth, forging a bulletproof mindset, or establishing an invigorating life.

Here Is My “Real Bio”

I ignite the hidden greatness in high achievers.

A high-performer myself, I constantly look to uplevel those around me. Realizing my higher purpose was more of an accident than an intention.

The concept of the renaissance man enchanted me when I first learned of the concept in grade school. A gentleman scholar that had varied interests in arts, poetry, sciences, stoic philosophy, psychology, athleticism, and wit was ideal that I unconsciously strove toward. This led to me studying varied sciences, accumulating numerous skills, and adopting cutting edge strategies.

The more I learned, the more it helped my life. But then one of the higher fundamental needs of a human is to not only grow but contribute. So first I sought to guide friends and family. Then upon refining my skills and techniques I look to a bigger stage, helping doctors, entrepreneur’s, athlete’s, politicians, real estate moguls, CEO’s craft large destinies, empowering identities, and attain escape velocity to be legendary.

I am a basketball coach for my 2 sons, Veer and Armaan, and I love to push the limits of what is possible in my own life. Having completed a 10 miler, multiple Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, an elite athlete with training in Muay Thai Kick boxing, and being an avid mountain climber, I believe that by using the physical as a vehicle, I can forge a resilient mindset that propels other goals forward.