Become a Sales Ninja with Joe Marcoux [Limitless MD, Episode 42]


The most dreaded answer every salesperson would never wish to hear is “No”. No one loves rejection, that’s why most people don’t even attempt anything at all, just for the fear of this word. But this show is all about encouragement, it’s a push for MDs like you to take the plunge and discover your limitless potential for success beyond the borders of the medical world. Along with encouragement are the steps and strategies to guide you from execution to follow through.

Joining us in this episode is Joe Marcoux, a sales expert in the retail fitness business who has trained thousands of salespeople to become successful and consistent closers. He shares high-quality sales techniques and strategies they’re using in S.O.S. Dojo, and the key to effective communication and handling objections. 


“We want to teach people how to learn the notes of the song so they can play the music. You can only learn to play the music once you’ve learned the notes by heart.”

– Joe Marcoux



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:56 If you want to be the master of the game, learn from the masters

04:26 Learn the army of one sales training concept

05:24 Here are the top 5 objections of all time that Joe helps salespeople deal with and overcome

06:32 These are the things you don’t want to be and the things you should aim to be

06:47 Identify the key differences between passive, aggressive, and assertive

07:41 Learn how to influence and persuade without being pushy or sale-sy

08:32 Salespeople often forget these things, leading them to focus on the wrong things…

10:43 It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

12:08 Check this two-step process of handling objections effectively

16:02 This is how you push people away and lose those sales

18:19 Learn how you can develop unconscious competence

21:29 Give “good phone”

28:25 Podcast Outro

Resources mentioned: 

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