Becoming a New Breed of Doctor with Extreme Ownership with Dr. Charlie Webb [Limitless MD, Episode 34]


What do you do with a broken system? Do you have what it takes to fix it? Do you have the skill, the knowledge, the courage even, to deal with it and say, there’s got to be a better way? And when you find the opportunity to pursue a better way, a better path, do you do so fearlessly without hesitation? 

Dr. Charlie Webb redefines the new breed of MDs. There is a serious requirement to qualify as a part of this breed. The question is, why is there a need to create a new one? What’s wrong with the old? Is there something about it that can no longer be fixed, hence, the need for a change? What is the goal the new breed of doctors is set to achieve? All these questions will be tackled, and more!

“As practitioners, we’re supposed to be able to empower those people who trust us and not just treat them.”

– Dr. Charlie Webb



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:44 Find out how a doctor’s frustration with a broken system led him to his breakthrough as a practitioner

02:51 This is why the model they taught us in school is a street of boo-boos and why, instead of fixing the existing model, we need to create a new model

03:05 These are the symptoms of a broken model 

03:58 Learn the technique that pushes doctors to practice better

05:53 Since doctors are not taught how to be entrepreneurs, they need to have this kind of mindset so they can become doctorpreneurs and serve more people

08:04 These are the things we tend to chase and the reason why we chase them

11:13 Check out the difference between the traditional model of solving problems versus the new model

14:27 Differentiate a doctor who turns out as a commodity versus a doctor who is also a coach

15:49 This is how the new breed of doctor looks like

17:18 There is 1 out of 5 practitioners who have left their practice. Understand what this ratio is telling us

20:40 Dr. Webb shares how doctors can exercise extreme ownership and full control of their lives

26:11 This is what every doctor needs to consider: to be an empowered doctor versus being a technician doctor

28:50 These are the things that allow you to have the vibrancy and the power to live the kind of life you dream of

34:36 Podcast Outro

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