How to Leverage Grow and Scale Your Practice Using Virtual Medical Staffing with Beth Lachance [Limitless MD, Episode 109]

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Hiring virtual medical assistants can really help you grow and scale your practice. While some people think that these workers only offer accounting or low-level tasks, it’s much more sophisticated than that. In reality, there’re different types of abilities and experiences they can bring to the table. 

Beth Lachance is the founder of REVA Global MD. Specifically, this business has been focused on helping practices, physicians, and hospitals to utilize remote workers. As a result of relying on these workers, efficiency, and profitability increase. Before doing this, Beth was an elite gymnast as a student at the University of Florida. Besides, she has worked in multiple industries. Eventually, she came full circle when she founded her own enterprise. 

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • When to hire virtual medical assistants   
  • Difference between outsourcing and insourcing
  • How to offer the white-glove treatment to your patients
  • Top 5 buckets that virtual medical assistants can help you with
  • Hospitals’ opinions about remote workers
  • Savings generated by hiring virtual medical assistants

Evidently, the concept of hiring virtual assistants has been around for a while. However, it feels new in the medical community. Now that there are companies who can take care of that for you, it’s time to optimize your practice. So there are no excuses. Until next time. Be phenomenal. 

Virtual assistants have been widely utilized for years and years in other industries, but not utilized in the medical industry.” – Beth Lachance 

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:02 Introduction of Beth Lachance 

02:26 Benefits of hiring medical virtual assistants        

05:01 Difference between outsourcing and insourcing      

06:34 Bringing the human touch to your patients

08:16 Trend of filling new patient intakes via phone call    

10:42 How to offer the white-glove treatment to your patients

12:41 Top 5 buckets that medical virtual assistants can help you with   

13:39 Hospitals’ opinions about remote workers 

15:57 Savings generated by hiring medical virtual assistants 

17:37 How to pay for the workers employed by REVA Global MD

20:41 How to connect with Beth Lachance


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