Building a Million-Dollar Clinic With These Simple Steps [Limitless MD, Episode 144]

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Starting from zero income, you can embark on a mission to turn your clinic into a 7-figure powerhouse within just 12 months. It happened to me and can also be a reality for you. 

Now I’m sharing the hard-won wisdom and game-changing strategies that propelled my clinic to unimaginable heights.

These are some of the topics I mention during the episode: 

  • First steps in the right direction when establishing your practice
  • Insurance, cash, or hybrid clinic? 
  • How to conduct presidential marketing to get loyal clients 
  • Making yourself available to book clients immediately 
  • Introducing concierge services for earning a million dollars in revenue
  • Why you need to implement level two marketing to grow even more
  • Setting up a profitable referral program 

I had the burning desire to create something extraordinary, the determination to defy the odds, and the hunger to achieve beyond imagination. And I did it. If you’re on this path and follow this process, you will get there too. 

It’s time to dive deep, dream big, and unveil the unstoppable force within you. Commit to these seven steps and prepare to bask in your seven-figure glory. 


At the beginning, you gotta run it lean, right? To get to your dreams, you need a team, but also to keep your overhead low, you gotta run it very lean. – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:09 Step one for building a million-dollar clinic 

02:06 Step two for building a million-dollar clinic

03:52 Step three for building a million-dollar clinic

09:04 Step four for building a million-dollar clinic 

09:23 Step five for building a million-dollar clinic

10:40 Step six for building a million-dollar clinic 

11:12 Step seven for building a million-dollar clinic

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