Create a 6-Figure Passive Income with Online Courses with Dr. Chester Zoda [Limitless MD, Episode 116]

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Making passive income as an MD is a reality. In fact, there is a way of doing it without relying on real estate, stocks, or crypto. But how? The answer is leveraging your knowledge, creating an online course, and basically selling it on the internet. In truth, it is really that simple. And today’s guest, Dr. Chester Zoda, will teach us how to start as soon as possible. 

Dr. Chester Zoda is an ER doctor who retired successfully. Besides, he’s an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Chester has also helped thousands of doctors to become experts in their field and earn passive income by selling online courses. Now you can become one of them too. 

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • Chester’s background and story 
  • Why fear will keep you inside your comfort zone
  • Foundation for starting an online course
  • How the future looks like for Chester’s company
  • Chester’s recommendations to be motivated

Whenever you try to do something new, fear kicks in. This is normal. But you already have the expertise to teach an online course and cash that passive income. You spent years and years in medical school. Now it’s time to package that knowledge and sell it online. This episode will specifically help you if you are interested in creating an income stream outside of your daily job. Moreover, this solution offers two of my favorite processes – leverage and automation. Thank you for listening. Until next time. Be phenomenal.  

You can really shortcut your path by following a proven system. And the reason why is because success is a science. Success is a scienceit’s not an accident.” 

– Dr. Chester Zoda 

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:55 Chester’s background and story  

03:38 His mom’s opinion about the new path he’s chosen     

05:30 Times when things were not so bright for Chester    

08:17 Why fear will keep you inside your comfort zone 

10:15 Foundation for starting an online course     

13:59 How the future looks like for Chester’s company 

16:06 Chester’s recommendations to be motivated

17:52 How to contact Chester

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