Creating a Legacy, Not a Practice With Dr. Fred DiDomenico [Limitless MD, Episode 126]

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Establishing profitable and busy clinics that impact the country’s health is possible. And you can also set up one of these clinics as a physician while retaining your freedom. Today’s guest, Dr. Fred DiDomenico, has gone from running his clinic to helping doctors set up their own thriving practices. 

Dr. Fred DiDomenico is a chiropractor by training, but he really expands beyond that. He helps numerous physicians who have private practices nationwide to empower their medical teams and their patients. Instead of just focusing on physical pain or disease, Fred offers emotional and physiological strategies to help people optimize their lives. 

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • Strategies to create a highly successful clinic
  • The necessary mind training to reach the most ambitious goals
  • Using traumatic experiences as fuel 

In order to have a successful private practice, you and your team need to have a bigger purpose. When people work towards their purpose, fulfillment is achieved. And if you struggle with motivating your team, this episode will help you take a step in the right direction.


“There’s a lot of people that take care of health problems, but they are not healthy people. And that’s very different.”
– Dr. Fred DiDomenico 

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:39 From running his own clinic to helping doctors with their own practices 

03:47 Strategies to create a highly successful clinic 

08:39 Importance of having the same mindset within a clinic

10:07 The necessary mind training to reach the most ambitious goals 

11:53 Using traumatic experiences as fuel  

16:01 What’s the impact Dr. Fred DiDomenico wants to have in the world?         

17:26 How to learn more about Dr. Fred DiDomenico

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