Become a Doctor CEO with Chris Colgin and Leo Kanell [Limitless MD, Episode 67]


On today’s episode of Limitless MD, Vikram Raya is joined by Dr. Chris Colgin and Leo Kanell who have joined together to help physicians take their businesses and lives to the next level. In this episode, they discuss how to use debt intelligently to explode your wealth, how being in your business instead of working on your business can lose you money, and the difficulties for physicians trying to find financing and the solutions for that. If you are a physician looking to take your business to the next level, this is the episode for you.


“The name of the game is to make the money, keep the money, invest the money… grow the money and then use the money for service.”

– Vikram Raya


In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

03:33 The number one thing that doctors don’t know they need to, in terms of growth

06:31 How being in the business vs. working on the business can lose you money

07:20 The four archetypes of physicians

09:11 How Leo has been able to transition people in their business

12:00 Why is it difficult to doctors to find financing, and what are the solutions?

14:03 Using debt intelligently to explode your wealth

18:54 Real-life case studies of how Leo and Chris have helped doctors create growth in their business

22:47 What are Chris and Leo reading now?

25:51 How can you get in touch with Chris and Leo?

27:50 Outro

Resources mentioned:
– ‘E-Myth Principles’ by Michael Gerber

‘Tax-Free Wealth’ by Tom Wheelwright

‘Having It All’ by John Assaraf 



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