How I Went From an Overworked and Stressed-Out Cardiologist to a Doctor Without Limits [Limitless MD, Episode 1]

Limitless MD – episode 1

  • Welcome to The Limitless MD, the podcast to help you reclaim your time, unlock your limitless potential, and gain more freedom in your life and work. In this very first episode, I’m sharing my journey of how I realized I was chasing freedom and how I gained that freedom, and so much more in my life. I’m now at the stage where I love my life, and I want to show you how you can do the same. So you’ll hear the five freedoms I’ve achieved and why I went after them in the first place, the ELF vs HALF method and how it got me to where I am today and the “Hell YES” vs “Hell NO” protocol, which you can use for work and your personal life to make powerful decisions. You’ll also discover how quitting – yes quitting – made me a million dollars!


“What’s the point of having a tremendous amount of money, wealth, cash flow or net worth if you don’t have free time to actually utilize it?” 

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:

0:00 I’m asking you a question about where you’re spending your energy

1:22: Learn where the idea for this podcast was spun from and what you’ll learn from it

2:57: Hear what prompted such tremendous amount of growth in my life

7:07: A quote I’ve always said to myself that will help you in your own life

8:28: How I realized what I was going after in my search for freedom

9:37: What you need to create the most important currency in your life, and what that currency is

11:50: I share what I think about when I’m making an important decision

14:04 Learn what I call the six human needs and how they impact your decisions

15:54 hear the turning point I experienced in my work in 2020 and how it led me to freedom

17:30 Learn about Elf vs HALF and how to use this to establish where you should put your energy

21:13 Hear what I’m really chasing for myself in my life

22:40 The reason I have three passion businesses I’m pursuing and why I love them all

23:18 I share the 80:20 principle and how to use it to get what you want

23:42 Discover the Hell Yes vs Hell No mentality and why it can help you make decisions in your personal and professional life

25:48 I’m inviting you to try a strategy to get results in your life




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