The ONE Simple Skill That Can Grow Your Company by 600% [Limitless MD, Episode 10]


When you are bringing somebody on board in your business, the likelihood of them being successful is about 50%. If it goes right, fantastic, but if it goes wrong, your company could lose thousands, even millions of dollars in productivity. So it is vital that you hire the right employee.

Whether you are a solopreneur ready to go on to that next level of increasing your team or you are looking to increase your company’s growth, what I’m sharing with you today is crucial and can increase your company’s growth by 600%. I’m showing you how to hire superstar employees and build a team of successful A players, and what you need to keep in mind when it comes to hiring new people to join your business.

“Making a mistake when hiring somebody can cost a company 15 times their employee’s salary.”

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:


0:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

1:07 There are 7 ways to find, hire, and evaluate A class superstar employees for your company. Here’s what they are…

2:02 Discover what you’re going to learn on the podcast this week

2:57 What is a resume really?

3:38 I share the ultimate goal for any business

3:35 Here are some effective tips to help you hire great employees

4:45 There is one major cause of business failures. Here’s what it is…  

6:00 You absolutely need to read this book before you make your next hiring decision

6:48 Hear the top 10 reasons you make a mistake when hiring employees

11:18 Discover the 4 step process to find A players for your company and how I used it in my own company

11:51 I’m sharing 4 questions to ask potential candidates

13:16 Find out how long you need to dedicate to an interview with a potential candidate

15:40 Very few people do  this when they’re interested in a candidate, here’s why you should…

17:17 Learn the concept of the 5 Fs and how to use it to sell a candidate you want to hire on why they should choose your company

18:55 Hear why the first 30 days of your new employee being in your company are so important

20:04 There are two ways you can lead a company, here’s what they are…

22:03 I’m showing you how to be successful as an entrepreneur and owner of a company

22:20 Here’s one more bonus – the 4 As of hiring and how I use then when I look at hiring somebody

23:15 Podcast outro







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