The Next Crisis: Physician Burnout with Dr. Diana Londoño [Limitless MD, Episode 122]

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Burnout is chronic unmanaged workplace stress. Unfortunately, this problem affects many people, not just physicians. It has different physical manifestations, and it can cause a variety of diseases. Dr. Diana Londoño, today’s guest, has a unique solution for this epidemic that she’ll share during our conversation.  

Dr. Diana Londoño is a board-certified urologist from Mexico City. Right now, she’s one of the top physicians in this specialty in the United States and one of the few women dedicated to urology. In addition, she’s a Certified Life Coach on a mission to help physicians worldwide care for themselves, prevent burnout, and make the necessary changes after experiencing chronic stress.  

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • Definition of burnout
  • Burnout in the medical world
  • Recent changes that have created more hopelessness
  • Pathways and strategies to prevent chronic stress
  • The antidote for burnout, stress, and apathy

If you can just think that you matter and are worthy, this will bring you hope. And hope is the antidote for hopelessness and despair. You are a priority. Remember to care for yourself today as you would for one of your patients. There’s no point in muscling through this and bottling up your feelings. Reach out for help. You are not alone. Until next time. Be phenomenal.    


“When you connect with another human being, you realize you are not alone. You realize you are not crazy. You realize that there is hope.” – Dr. Diana Londoño 

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:00 Definition of burnout 

03:39 Burnout in the medical world 

05:28 Recent changes that have created more hopelessness

09:57 Diana’s personal journey with burnout 

14:08 Pathways and strategies to prevent chronic stress 

16:16 Physician coach support program      

20:30 You matter, and you are worthy

22:49 The antidote for burnout, stress, and apathy 

23:36 How to connect with Diana

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