Foundational Biohacks To Live Beyond 100 With Dr. Mike Van Thielen [Limitless MD, Episode 164]


If you knew it was possible to upgrade the body, mind, and life by objectively reversing biological age and increasing lifespan, would you do it?

Dr. Mike Van Thielen, a medical director and bestselling author on biohacking, mindset, and success joins the show today to share his 7 foundational principles for biohacking.

He provides strategies for each, emphasizing breathing, outdoor time, and developing a daily routine that can significantly impact your productivity and overall success.

Learn how to take your goals to the next level through biohacking, mindset optimization, and surrounding yourself with experts in your weak areas. Dr. Mike offers mentorship programs on his website,, to help you achieve your fullest potential.

For human optimization tools, strategies, and solutions, listen to this insightful interview.


These are some of the topics we cover in our conversation: 

  • What is biohacking, and how can we all benefit from it?  
  • 2-minute ritual — Four power routines
  • Tips for increasing productivity
  • Importance of white space, thinking time, and visualization
  • Taking your goals to the next level through biohacking, mindset, and surrounding yourself with experts
  • Accessing Dr. Mike’s mentorship programs, books and resources on
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