Why Doctors Tend to Make Horrible Entrepreneurs with Dr. Pranay Parikh [Limitless MD, Episode 165]


“No one tells a toddler…Hey, you know, you fell 5000 times, I don’t think walking is going to be for you.” – Dr. Pranay Parikh

So, what makes entrepreneurship a tricky feat for doctors?

Well, it comes down to how they were trained. 

Doctors have to be very risk averse and have a very perfectionist approach. Add on to that time limitations and a low skill diversity outside of medicine and you can see why becoming a risk-taking entrepreneur seems pretty far fetched.

But as Dr. Pranay Parikh explains, it IS possible. But we need to take the steps to overcoming the analysis paralysis we often stumble into.

For more on this, listen to the full episode here.

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