Balancing Life's Roles and Embracing Your Highest Self With Dr. Kristina Kypuros [Limitless MD, Episode 174]


Reaching your limitless potential while prioritizing family, community, and self-care is possible. But to do so, you need to have open and honest conversations with loved ones to gain their support in pursuing your dreams.


In this episode, I speak with Dr. Kristina Kypuros to discuss achieving your limitless potential while honoring your commitments to your family and community. 


We talk about how Kristina overcame burnout through rigorous self-care practices. She shares how starting with just 3 minutes daily led to life-changing results. 


Kristina tells the moving story of how she served families after the tragic Uvalde shooting, creating thoughtful care packages to comfort them in their grief. 


Join us to learn Kristina’s formula for pursuing your dreams while maintaining balance, and walk away feeling inspired to incorporate powerful self-care habits.



For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.