Steps to Advance Your Healthcare Career With Dr. Sunil Madan [Limitless MD, Episode 178]


Understanding the business side of healthcare is essential for physicians who want to take on leadership roles. This means learning about billing, finances, how different departments operate, and payment models.



On today’s show, I have Dr. Sunil Madan on to discuss his journey from practitioner to CMO Chief Medical Officer.


Dr. Madan shares how he realized he was more of a manager than a leader and decided to further his business education. He discusses the importance of getting mentors who have achieved your goals.



We get into the practical steps hospitalists can take to start positioning themselves for a CMO role down the road. You won’t want to miss his insights on building effective teams and weaving together all the different departments.


I hope you tune into this episode to learn from Dr. Madan’s experience on how visionary physicians can rise to the top of the hospital administration and be inspired to pursue this path if this is your calling.



For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.