How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis with The Real Estate Physician, Dr. Cherry Chen [Limitless MD, Episode 179]


How do you create Wealth without Wall Street? That’s the question I ask as I welcome the highly inquisitive and dedicated physician, Dr. Cherry Chen.


Dr. Chen has evolved into a real estate expert through her venture, The Real Estate Physician, who aids fellow physicians in boosting income and wealth. 


Cherry’s journey from doctor to real estate investor allowed her to gain time and freedom, a transformation she now extends to others for purposeful living both within and beyond clinical walls.


Was Dr. Chen afraid to lose money as she began her journey? Learn how Cherry overcame analysis paralysis by educating herself on real estate right out of the gates. Learn too about Cherry’s Top 2 resources if you’re a medical professional looking to get into short-term rentals. 


I trust this episode will empower YOU to invest in real estate, fostering YOUR financial growth. As always, BE PHENOMENAL!


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.

Resources Mentioned: 
Bigger Pockets –