Physician Wealth Mastery: Lessons from The Darwinian Doctor [Limitless MD, Episode 180]


What do you do as a physician if you suddenly find yourself trapped in your job, staring down the barrel of the next 30 years of your life, and not liking what you see? 


Well, if you’ve listened to our show before, you’ll know that becoming an entrepreneur is your next smart move! 


Today, I have the pleasure of hosting the brilliant ‘Darwinian Doctor’,  Dr. Daniel Shin, a board-certified surgeon, real estate investor, and educator. For Daniel, getting another education by listening to podcasts on his commute was the start of an inspiring journey to financial freedom. 


Please join us as we navigate our way through the typical struggles doctors face and learn all about his transformative journey from financial naivety to savvy investments in stocks and real estate. 


Appreciate the medium of podcasts as the source of education and inspiration for Daniel in this relatable and rewarding episode that showcases the first steps Daniel took to fast-track his financial dreams. And until next time, be phenomenal! 


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.