Overcoming Stagnation to Become Truly Limitless with Dr. Ravi Gupta [Limitless MD, Episode 181]


“At a certain point, I was like ‘Wait a minute… I’ve grown to this point, and I’m at this job where I’m interested, and I enjoy it to a certain level, but I feel this sense of stagnation.” ~ Dr. Ravi Gupta

What does that point look like for medical doctors? That moment when they know that what they’ve spent their adult lives studying for has resulted in a job where they’re just not growing anymore? When you are wearing the golden handcuffs – earning good money, but chained to your job!

Today, I ask my friend and colleague Dr. Ravi Gupta to hone in on that feeling of self-diagnosed stagnation so that we can truly unpack it for other doctors out there who may be feeling the same. 

Dr. Ravi Gupta, a man of diverse interests and capabilities, is a dedicated father and partner at Viking Capital. Apart from his role at Viking Capital, he has successfully launched Peak Health and Wellness, a thriving functional medicine venture. 

Dr. Gupta stands as a genuine source of inspiration, showcasing how a physician can realize their utmost potential. 

‘That moment’ where the unfolding began for Dr. Gupta is beautifully articulated in this abridged episode as he shares the ‘7-year itch’ that a lot of MDs will surely relate to! Do yourself a favor and check out the full interview in episode 62! 


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.