How The Prudent Plastic Surgeon Found Financial Freedom With Dr. Jordan Frey [Limitless MD, Episode 182]


“I sort of fell victim to that taboo that thinking about money as a doctor is some kind of bad thing.” ~ Jordan Frey


The renowned ‘Prudent Plastic Surgeon’, Jordan Frey, was once a struggling MD who got to a point in his medical career where he was like, “I gave you my 20s, and now all I have is this debt!” 

Like many medical students, Jordan incurred a lot of expenses to find himself in a career that wasn’t giving him what he truly wanted (but didn’t yet know he needed): financial freedom.

This is the origin story of how he hatched a plan to get out of debt, overcome his ideas of earning money being a bad thing, and get started on the road to financial freedom – all the while sharing about his journey. 

This is a story a lot of medical professionals will surely relate to! And one more thing: check out the full interview in episode 63 for Jordan’s awesome insights!


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