The Number One Character Trait of Leadership With John Laurito [Limitless MD, Episode 183]


 “I admire visionaries. People that aren’t afraid to take chances and are willing to invest heavily in what they believe in.” ~ John Laurito


What is the number one trait leaders possess that other folks don’t? To answer that question, I brought in John Laurito, the president of Concord Wealth Management. 

John travels the globe, helping people become better leaders so their organizations can mature and grow. Learn why leading by example is crucial in effective leadership and about the four questions we should ask of someone before entrusting them as a leader.

John also shares the character traits of a good leader and expounds on what being a visionary leader is all about. In this episode, we also share some great resources on leadership. Please join us on this impactful and abridged interview that can truly help you up your leadership game! Please join us.


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