Rich Doctor, Poor Doctor [Limitless MD, Episode 184]


“What abundance means is you have more than enough. That means ‘your cup spilleth over,’ and you can give to others. It’s hard to feel generous when you’re living a small life.” ~ Vikram Raya


What does it take to become a medical millionaire? And why do most physicians struggle with financial success and financial freedom? In today’s inspiring episode – Rich Doctor, Poor Doctor – I share my five critical strategies for becoming a medical millionaire.


Why do doctors feel poor? To answer this question, I’ll be sharing my experience as a young MD and how I set about reverse engineering my financial freedom.


I discuss asset accumulation, which you can even start while you’re still in med school. I also cover how to be a time architect, as well as income versus net worth versus cash flow. 


Trust me, by the end, you’ll understand exactly what it takes to go from feeling “rich but poor” to living an abundant dream retirement where your cup runneth over. 


As a bonus, I’m going to show you how to become a level five elite investor who can actually create your own investments that other people invest in. So tune in – your future self will thank you!