Finding Your True North for Success with Dr. Andy Garrett [Limitless MD, Episode 185]



“I help people find their True North.” ~ Dr. Andy Garrett

What are the three biggest mistakes people make in their quest for success? And how can we find our ‘True North’ so that we live in better alignment with our core values and have a better chance at success? 


Dr. Andy Garrett has pioneered a revolutionary approach to personal growth with his True North blueprint. If you sometimes feel like you’re rowing upstream with only one hand on the oar, then this one’s for you! 


Andy is a superstar psychologist with whom I’m delighted to have chatted about the difference between true and magnetic north and what we can do to course-correct our destination with the right framework and mindset. 


We also talk about looking in the mirror instead of looking out of the window in the pursuit of our Authentic Truth. This just may be the wake-up call you need in 2024! 


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.