The Secret Growth Pyramid Formula for Your Medical Business With Nic Korvessis [Limitless MD, Episode 187]


“If you can get more engagement, and have more conversations with people… if that’s your number one goal… you’re going to end up getting more clients, more patients through the door.” ~ Nic Korvessis 

How can you get more clients, more patients, and more people through your doors? 

Nic Korvessis founded Scale Lab, an agency that has helped Vikram grow his business using his patented ‘growth pyramid’ formula. 

In today’s impactful episode, we learn from Nic the strategy that gave Vikram the upper hand when scaling his business. 

The pyramid of growth comprises 3 tiers and requires taking action instead of making excuses. Follow these steps and you’ll have more clients in no time!


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.