Why You Should Bet on Yourself with Whitney Sewell [Limitless MD, Episode 189]


“I would say bet on yourself.” ~ Whitney Sewell

How do we design the life of our dreams? For Whitney Sewell, it started with intentional ‘thinking time’ with his wife, after careers in the military, police force, and then training horses left him feeling comfortable but not happy. 

Today’s story gives me goosebumps as we learn what it takes to ‘burn the boats’, make the changes you need to achieve financial freedom, and stay committed!

Whitney is the Founder of Life Bridge Capital and host of The Real Estate Syndication Show. Learn all about how he got started in multi-triplexes in 2009 (at the time of the crash) in today’s abridged episode. The full-length interview is even better, so go check that out too!


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.