Mindset Mastery: Turning Imposter Syndrome into Extreme Confidence with Gavin McHale [Limitless MD, Episode 190]


“Any judgment of someone else is really a mirror that you need to hold up to yourself because you’re judging something inside of yourself, right? So even if you’re judging others, it’s a great opportunity to turn the mirror around and get curious. Well, why am I judging them for that?” ~ Gavin McHale


What does it mean to connect with the highest version of yourself? Gavin McHale is on a mission to find out just that – for himself and others.

Gavin McHale is a high-performance coach, former elite athlete, and hockey player. He currently coaches entrepreneurs and business owners at Early to Rise to help them improve their mindset.

In today’s hugely inspiring episode, he discusses concepts like imposter syndrome, setting goals, asking better questions, and looking for evidence to build confidence.

Get ready to reframe your thinking around mindset as we level UP with insights that will astound you as you start to put in the reps to build your own self-belief and achieve more than you thought possible. Trust us, this one’s a game-changer!


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