Prescription For Medical Burnout With Dr. Charles Webb [Limitless MD, Episode 191]


Why don’t we design our lifestyle and then build a practice around it? – Dr. Charles Webb



What do you do when you’re burnt out as a practitioner? In today’s abbreviated episode, I ask Dr. Charles Webb, Founder of Freedom Practice Coaching, about the issues that successful medical practitioners may face,  like feeling burnt out, under-revenue, or stuck. 

Dr. Charles Webb redefines the new breed of MDs by discussing how losing drive and passion in your career can occur when you chase external validation rather than changing your mindset. 

The traditional medical model is broken. Practitioners should embrace creating a new approach, similar to how Uber created a new model compared to traditional taxis. 

This episode gives valuable insight into the proposal of a new healthcare model focused on empowering patient health and lifestyle design by asking where patients want to go, rather than just treating their symptoms. Please join us. 

Watch the full episode here or listen here.