Deciphering Your Genetic Blueprint To Optimize Your Health With Joe Cohen [Limitless MD, Episode 192]


“We need software, a Rosetta Stone if you will, in order to take the information that other people have, and tell them what they need to do, and help them figure out what is the best way to optimize their health. And so that is my mission.” ~ Joe Cohen



How can you unlock your genetic greatness? 

SelfDecode is a software platform that takes your DNA and offers an extensive report on your genetic predispositions to arrive at a well-thought-out recommendation on how to optimize your health and overall performance.

In this episode, inventor Joe Cohen delves into the capabilities of this tool and its operational mechanisms. 

It’s a journey back to one’s optimal self, shedding light on the profound connection between health and prosperity. After all, when you’re in good health, you possess the vitality needed to labor diligently, persevere, and excel.

Find out what instigated Joe’s desire to take control of his health, what inspired him to share the tool with others, and understand the process of SelfDecode, from acquiring information to processing and leveraging this information to help you optimize your health.

Watch the full episode here or listen here.