How to Look for the Right Opportunity in Investing With Roger Khoury [Limitless MD, Episode 193]


You keep trying, you keep pushing, you keep persevering. And that was it for me. I’m not going to be a failure. I have to see this through.” ~ Roger Khoury 


What can we learn as investors watching surfers in the bay? For Roger Khoury, watching the surf in California led to an epiphany that his investment process was focused on the wrong thing. 

After years of hustling on his own (and losing money), this trip to the beach was to prove the turning point in his career. 

You’ve simply got to hear this story of how an investor who is nowadays able to beat the market 80% of the time with his proven formula had that ‘aha moment’ that turned it all around for him.

Learn about the 4 Cs of investing (Clarity, Control, Consistency, and Confidence) and how to replicate a full-time income in a few short years with risk-averse investing in today’s punchy episode. Please join us. 


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