Stealth Sales Moves with Sales Ninja Joe Marcoux [Limitless MD, Episode 194]


“If you don’t give good phone, you’re out!” ~ Joe Marcoux


Is now a bad time? How can you ask the RIGHT question, in the RIGHT way, to get the RIGHT answer for you? 



Joe Marcoux is a sales expert in the retail fitness business who has trained thousands of salespeople to become successful and consistent closers. 



In today’s impactful, abridged episode, he shares his high-quality sales techniques and strategies they’re using in his coaching program, S.O.S. Dojo.



The key to effective communication lies inside. Learn how to ‘give good phone’ when answering a call, and close that lead with increased energy and the right body language. 



Be positive, ask questions, and be relatable! It’s all inside today’s Limitless MD! Please join us. 



Watch the full episode here or listen here.