Why Version One is Better Than Version None with Sean Tepper [Limitless MD, Episode 195]


“You don’t have to create something right away.” ~ Sean Tepper


Wise words from Sean Tepper, Founder and CEO of Tykr, an investment software app that helps you become a confident investor in two short weeks by finding safe stocks for you to invest in. 


Sean is proving why ‘version one’ is better than ‘version none’ in today’s impactful episode that places a premium on having a big idea – but running it past a few people first. 


And those people shouldn’t be your friends and family (they’re biased). See if your idea works with potential customers.


Join us as we discuss the importance of iteration, simple UI design to show how your idea can work, and the difference between making money on the stock market and in real estate! 


Be sure to check out the full-length version of our chat for an even more in-depth conversation.



Watch the full episode here or listen here.