Strategies for Overcoming Burnout and Achieving Work-Life Balance With Chelsea Turgeon, MD [Limitless MD, Episode 199]


Feeling exhausted and unfulfilled in your medical career? Do you find yourself constantly trying to meet others’ expectations while neglecting your own dreams and desires?


In this episode, we sit down with Chelsea Turgeon, MD, a former OBGYN resident who made the bold decision to drop out of residency and forge her own path to happiness and success. 


Chelsea shares her personal journey of hitting rock bottom with burnout, reconnecting with her true values and strengths, and ultimately finding joy and purpose as a life coach for healthcare professionals.


As a digital nomad who has traveled to 49 countries, Chelsea also shares her insights on incorporating travel and adventure into your life, even if you’re working a traditional 9-to-5 job. She discusses the importance of prioritizing your passions and letting the rest of your life fall into place around them.


Whether you’re considering a career pivot, looking to add more fulfillment to your current role, or simply seeking inspiration to live life on your own terms, this episode gives valuable wisdom and actionable advice.


“Just start putting more weight in other buckets. You already have plenty of other identities, too. So just start paying more attention to those or putting more energy into some of those identities.” ~ Chelsea Turgeon MD