The 8-Figure Formula to Achieve Financial Independence as a Physician With Dr. David Hergan [Limitless MD, Episode 200]


Are you a mid-career physician feeling stuck in the daily grind, wondering if there’s more to life than just practicing medicine? Do you dream of achieving financial freedom and living life on your own terms?


In this episode, Dr. David Hergan, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and entrepreneurial powerhouse, shares his insights on how to break free from the traditional physician mold and become a new breed of doctor – one who leverages their skills and knowledge to create multiple streams of income and build substantial wealth.


David discusses the importance of using your time away from medicine wisely, investing in yourself, and stepping out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities. He also shares his experiences in medical office space development, regenerative medicine, and private equity, offering valuable advice on how physicians can capitalize on these ventures.


If you’re a surgeon or an internal medicine doctor, this episode presents actionable strategies and mindset shifts that will help you transform your life and achieve the financial success you deserve.



“We have the ability to leverage [our] skills and abilities into other things to create other streams of income.” ~ Dr. David Hergan