The Blueprint for Ultimate Success with Trevor McGregor [Limitless MD, Episode 4]

Limitless MD – episode 4 (featured image)

Are you ready to change the frequency at which you operate and become the highest version of yourself? Are you ready to change your mindset, escape velocity and eradicate limiting beliefs that hold you back from success? You’re in luck, as today’s guest joins me to share the blueprint for ultimate success.

Trevor McGregor is an official high-performance master coach who has coached Fortune 500 clients, athletes, real estate investors and entrepreneurs across the world. He has been in the personal growth space for decades and worked with more than 30,000 people and he joins me this week to show you how to become limitless, both in your business and your life. Knowing what it takes to become successful is great but it’s the application of it that’s truly important. In this episode, Trevor shares what the top 1% of people – the real high performers – do the achieve success and how you can learn from this to be the best you can be.

“Comfort kills drive. When you are ready to traverse out of the comfort zone of your current existence, that’s where growth is.”

– Vikram Raya

“When you start to see and think differently than you ever have before, it opens a whole world of possibility.”

– Trevor McGregor



In This Episode:


0:00 Podcast intro

0:34 I welcome you back to the podcast and introduce you to one of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life

2:18 Trevor introduces himself and shares a little about his background

3:07 Hear some of the critical inflection points in Trevor’s life where he has made a shift or decision that cut off any alternative possibility

6:04 Learn why Trevor thought about coaching as an option in his life when he was feeling unfulfilled

7:57 Find out something that will help you in your life and is available to everybody regardless of age, or where you are at in your journey

9:11 A belief system that has prevented people from escaping velocity and the tactical strategies you need to achieve success

11:34 Find out how to move to the next level of your life if you have everything you feel you could want at this point

13:47 Find out what the paradigm box is and how to apply it to your life

15:56 Find out how Trevor deals with catastrophic obstacles in his life and the concept of dealing with these things in general

19:30 Everybody finds a way to cross the bridge when they are committed to crossing the bridge. Find out what this means and how to apply it to your life

20:47 I share a common complaint I hear when I talk to my physician colleagues and friends and I ask Trevor to explain the 80:20 concept

21:17 Discover the biggest thing that 1%ers are up against

22:14 We talk about the positive purge for high performers and share some questions to ask yourself to start to think like a high performer  

23:54 There’s a different way to present your calendar and maximize your time, here’s what it is…

26:23 I talk about the 5 freedoms and how to get them all in your life

27:46 We discuss another thing that 1%ers do

28:03 I ask Trevor a question about why some people have high standards and why other people have higher

30:25 A lot of people read books, but what are the books that Trevor has read multiple times over? Find out now…

32:55 Trevor shares some not-so-common productivity hacks and lets you in on his morning routine. He also gives you some tips to set you up well for the day

35:05 Trevor shares the advice he would have given to his 35-year-old self

37:27 Find out why knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself is useless

37:53 Hear what 2022 looks like for Trevor and what you need to be cognisant of for the next year

40:44 How to learn more about Trevor and connect with him






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