80 Streams of Income (How You Can Create Them) with Dan Handford [Limitless MD, Episode 47]


The average millionaire has 7-8 streams of income, but what do you call a man who has 80 income streams? In this episode, Dan Handford shares how he built the foundation of his 80-plus streams of income without losing a penny. He also shares about the system of delegation and how this skill helped him scale his clinic and kept sprouting new businesses at the same time. 

Learn how to build a sustainable and scalable business that runs efficiently with or without you overseeing its operation constantly. Find out how a simple mindset shift can be all you need to find the courage to step out and start up on your goals. Learn how paying life forward can lead you to bigger returns. 


“You should be putting yourself in the mindset of thinking towards an exit even from the very beginning when you’re putting things together.”

– Dan Handford



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

04:57 Find out why Dan cut off the chiropractic service from his clinic’s offerings

05:45 This shift could be all you need to transition to being an owner from an operator and why a lot of doctors struggle in making this transition

08:33 Discover the system that allows you to build a sustainable cash-flowing business that runs efficiently, with or without you

11:54 When you’re trying to name a business, find out why you’re not supposed to put your name on it

15:44 This is why educating others is a core part of Dan’s purpose

21:40 Learn about the one mistake that taught an unforgettable lesson

24:09 Here’s the best way to scale and grow…

26:26 Understand why leadership by application and leadership by micromanaging are not very good ways to lead

27:24 Hire this person if you want to go higher, faster

32:14 Podcast Outro



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Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win 

The Dichotomy of Leadership




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