Helping Doctors Become Coaches with Lisa Fraley [Limitless MD, Episode 49]


Know your rights and you can achieve many things in life, says Lisa Fraley, an attorney, author, and legal coach in the online space. Whatever your profession is, she emphasizes that it should not become a hindrance to pursuing other things you’re passionate about – like coaching. 

She reminds though that being a coach involves the responsibility of equipping yourself with essential skills that make you a competent and effective coach. You owe it to your audience, she says. She also adds the importance of having the knowledge of legal matters to protect yourself online. Learn about the legal steps you need to take to help you transition into an online coach, fuss-free.

“You can come from a profession that is not directly coaching, and you can create a very successful business.”

– Lisa Fraley

In This Episode:


01:07 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:37 Lisa talks about how she transitioned from being a healthcare attorney to a legal coach online

04:49 This is the mistake Lisa sees most doctors making

07:06 If you want to become a coach, Lisa gives high emphasis on these things that you need to equip yourself with…

09:47 Lisa highlights the 5 legal docs you need as a doctor and a coach

10:20 These are the top 2 online courses Lisa recommends for you to create as an MD 

14:20 Lisa talks about the challenging part of teaching people how to separate medicine from coaching 

16:42 Here’s the BIG topic which came up during COVID that involves practicing medicine online

21:43 Hear Lisa’s advice to doctors and other professionals who had their paths laid out and are afraid to go down the non-traditional path

26:54 Podcast Outro

Resources mentioned: 

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– Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Dr. Caroline Myss –



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