Achieving Success by Maximizing Your Efficiency with Craig Ballantyne [Limitless MD, Episode 5]


Everybody has 168 hours in their week. But how they use those hours differs, and as a result, creates very different results. Today’s guest has been labeled by his friends as the most productive person they have ever met, and they have even gone as far as saying he is the world’s most disciplined man. So I knew I had to get him on the podcast to share his concept of effortless discipline and his wisdom in the realm of productivity and success.

Craig Ballantyne may preach about productivity and efficiency, but he also practices what he preaches. He automates, delegates, eliminates, and uses scientifically proven shortcuts for success, and he accredits this success to the systems he has created and implemented in his life. In this episode, he shares some tips for discipline and productivity that you can implement immediately as an entrepreneur and shows you how to apply these principles to investing, fitness, business, or anywhere else in your life.

“The chokehold of any business is the owner. As the owner expands his mindset, systems and strategies, the business can expand as well.”

– Vikram Raya

“You need to do the hardest work first thing in a morning.”

      Craig Ballantyne



In This Episode:


0:00 Podcast intro

0:49 Hear how I met Craig

1:53 Find out what Craig’s best book is, despite him not actually writing it, and what it’s about  

5:28 Craig shares what non-urgent important work is and how people need to focus more on these tasks

6:24 I share Eisenhower’s concept of The Four Quadrants and you will find out where most people spend their time

9:37 Discover one of the most insightful things I learned from Craig and the most important thing you can do of a morning

14:16 Craig shares his concept of effortless discipline; what it is, what people can expect from it, and how high-performers tend to implement it

19:32 Hear why Craig’s friends started calling him the most disciplined man in the world

20:44 Learn the importance of building systems, and the difference between a goal and system

24:20 There is a reason that systems cause things to be done properly, here’s what it is…

26:00 Find out the problem with running the same system over and over again in your business, and why doing so can cause the business to decline

29:20 There are a lot of other things Craig does to make his life well-rounded, here’s what they are…

31:35 Hear the advice Craig would give to his 35 year old self

34:05 Find out the best way to learn more about Craig and how to work with him

34:37 Craig can give you an extra 500 hours in a year, find out how…

35:38 Podcast outro






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