Thrive In Your Discomfort Zone With Dr. Francis Yoo [Limitless MD, Episode 51]


There is an epidemic of people who have lost their authenticity as physicians. Join Dr. Vikram in chatting with Dr. Francis Yoo, Doctor of Osteopathy and host of the Holistic Physician Healers Summit, about what helped him find his purpose, stepping out of comfort zones, and how a change he made this year is helping him work towards the impact he wants to have on the world. 


“You need people to comfort you when you’re challenged. You need people to challenge you when you’re comforted.” 

– Dr. Francis Yoo


In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

2:50 Find out what motivates Dr. Francis Yoo to help other doctors

5:07 Dr. Yoo speaks on the best way to help others

8:17 Do you feel like you have multiple identities?

8.43 The three things that help/helped Dr. Yoo find his purpose.

11:10 Dr. Yoo dives into the mental model/construct that he has adopted over the last 3-6 months

12:59 Dr. Yoo talks about stepping out of his comfort zone and what that has looked like

14:03 Find out what Dr. Yoo is afraid of

14:10 The change that Dr. Yoo made this year

15:13 Find out what our guest speaker is working on and what is challenging him

16:42 Learn about the Holistic Physician Healers Summit

18:25 The best way to get hold of Dr. Francis Yoo

18:55 Dr. Francis Yoo talks about the impact he wants to have on the world.

20:25 Outro



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