The 17 Principles for Success [Limitless MD, Episode 6]


Napoleon Hill, the master, maestro, founder, and architect of the self-development movement created 17 Principles that, when followed, can lead you to ultimate success in your life. There is a direct correlation between success and how many of these you are applying or have in your DNA, so this week, I’m sharing them with you so you can see how many you are living by.

There are certain qualities you need to have and actions you need to take in order to become successful. So as you listen to this episode, I want you to ask yourself: are you living them? Are you applying them? How many of them do you have in your life? Join me this week as I break down these 17 Principles of Success into detail to help you keep accelerating, move towards success, and become truly limitless in your life.

“Focus on the few things that will get you the most results.”

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:


0:00 Welcome to the podcast and what you can expect from it

1:02 Hear how Napoleon Hill crafted these 17 principles of success and how they should be applied

2:00 I’m sharing the first principle of success

2:24 Find out what the mastermind principle is and why it’s important

3:39 You must have faith if you wish to be successful. Here’s why…

4:30 There are some famous people who have applied the next principle to their work, including this example…

5:30 Discover the importance of having a pleasing personality

6:19 A positive mental attitude is crucial to success, here’s why…

8.57 Discipline is usually a bad word in people’s dictionaries, but here’s why self-discipline isn’t bad at all…

9.58 Learn how to create more respect for yourself

10:44 Have you ever heard of analysis paralysis? Here’s why it might be showing up…

14:35 Failure is not final, it’s formative, here’s why…

16:57 In life and in business, there is usually a visionary and an integrator, and you need both. This is the reason…

17:18 Find out something that I think is essential in driving your success in life

18:11 Overspending or underspending are both criminal. Here’s why…

19:22 Habits are automatic, the question is are they serving you or causing you problems? Here’s how habits inch your life forward to success…

20:32 Find out how to become truly limitless

20:50 Podcast outro






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