How To Be A Conscious Capitalist with Dr. Sachin Patel - Part 1 [Limitless MD, Episode 60]


Welcome to part one of the Limitless MD podcast. Dr. Sachin Patel is a physician, father, philanthropist, business coach, and mentor. On this podcast, he discusses how to get into perfect alignment, optimize your own physical and personal health, while also thinking bigger and broader. Dr. Patel is trained in chiropractic and physically aligning people’s spines, lives, missions, values, beliefs, and practices. He is a conscious capitalist and had a barber shop that he ran out of his parents’ garage. On this podcast, Vikram Raya and Dr. Sachin Patel discuss how to live a life outside of solely being a physician.

“The worst thing that you can do, anyone can do, is kind of hang their hat on an identity of something that happened a decade ago.” 

– Dr. Sachin Patel


In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

04:15 Dr. Sachin’s origin story and how he owes a lot of his success and lessons from his parents

06:03 How Dr. Sachin learned how to sell packages

09:39 Dr. Sachin explains how his identity evolved

11:16 Avoiding labels

13:36 Dr. Sachin’s transition from a clinician to expanding into other areas

15:22 The solution to preventing disease and having more healthy people

18:05 The doctor of the future is actually the patient

19:18 Why Dr. Sachin felt like just being a practitioner was not enough

22:19 The characteristics that Dr. Sachin has noticed in the people he mentors who are really successful and thriving

28:15 How can you work with Dr. Sachin?

Resources mentioned:

– ‘Perfect Practice’ by Sachin Patel –

Tao Te Ching 



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