Become Your Own Renaissance Physician with Dr. Kristina Kypuros [Limitless MD, Episode 65]


On this episode of Limitless MD, Dr. Kristina Kypuros, a true Renaissance woman, joins us to talk about how she balances her many roles as a pediatric critical care doctor, emergency medicine doctor, real estate mogul, and mother. Dr. Kypuros shares the importance of having clarity and a strategy plan, and asking for support where you need it. This is an inspiring episode for anyone who is looking to achieve greater balance in their own life. Thank you for tuning in!

“I… just make everything a priority… I look at my week, and I look at what priorities are important.” 

– Dr. Kristina Kypuros


In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

03:00 Balancing family, doctoring, entrepreneurship, giving back to her communities, and being a leader

04:03 Dr. Kristina’s why

05:13 Dr. Kristina’s values and what drives her

07:29 What came first from Dr. Kristina’s external pursuit outside of medicine?

09:25 You have to have the conviction, have the support, and then make the decision

11:45 How Dr. Kristina got curious and started getting empowered

13:33 What to do if you’re afraid to step into the uncomfortable zone of innovation

17:55 Dr. Kristina’s protocol for self-care

21:38 Dr. Kristina’s impact on the world and how she uses her experience to help others

26:49 Outro



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