Hormones, Health, and High Performance with Risa Groux [Limitless MD, Episode 66]

Episode 66

Risa Groux is a functional nutritionist and certified autoimmune coach who specializes in helping people achieve optimum health and high performance. In this episode, she discusses the four hidden labs that your doctor may not be checking and how they can provide critical insights into your health. She also talks about how to find the root cause of your low energy or lack of sleep. Are you in your 40s and struggling to shift those last few pounds? You’ll want to listen to this one.

“I firmly believe that weight loss is a side effect of wellness.” 

– Risa Groux


In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:54 How Risa got into functional nutrition and how she became a nutritionist

03:55 What are the four pillars of her practice?

06:24 The story of the famous golfer, Fred Couples, and how it all ties together

08:52 What is it that sometimes reveals the hidden truth about your health?

13:02 What is TSH and how does it work?

15:28 Cortisol is produced from our adrenal glands, which are stress modulators

18:18  The five reasons why you cannot lose weight and how to get to the root

20:55 What can athletic people take away from Risa? How can they play at a higher level?

23:10 Risa’s current client with rheumatoid arthritis

24:32 How can you get to work with Risa?

27:25 Outro

Resources mentioned:

– Risa Groux’s Detox: 10% off for Limitless MD listeners with CODE Limitless10 – code expires on 12/15/22
– Book: FoodFrame by Risa Groux https://www.amazon.com/Foodframe-Four-Letter-Risa-Groux-CN/dp/1665706384 



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