Exploring the Crossroads of Medicine and Real Estate [Limitless MD, Episode 137]

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When making a decision, you need to remember your value hierarchy. If there’s something that you’re passionate about, that’s where you should direct your attention. But sometimes, your judgment could get clouded.  

In the pursuit of clarity lies true empowerment.
Once you understand the endgame, knowing it will guide you when you need to make intermediate decisions. And it would be best to remember that decisions are not binary. There are multiple shades of gray available to you. 

In this live Q&A, I spoke with a fellow cardiologist investing in real estate. He doubts pursuing training in cardiology and devoting himself to growing his investment portfolio. Yet, the wisdom was inside him all along. As a coach, I only helped him get it out in the open. 

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • What would you do with your life if you had millions of dollars right now?
  • The reason why we experience confusion
  • Not every decision is binary
  • Thoughts on creating a framework for decision making

Sometimes, you make a decision, but you know it will change your whole life. So you need some time to rectify it within yourself. I hope this episode helps you organize your values and make decisions based on what is truly important to you. 


“I don’t think about if it’s not gonna work out. I assume everything I touch turns to gold – I just have to touch it long enough. And I choose the path that makes most sense to me.” – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:49 Continuing cardiology training or investing in real estate?   

03:04 You know the answer because the wisdom is inside of you

03:52 What would you do with your life if you had millions of dollars right now?  

05:58 Why choose cardiology as a career path?   

07:47 The reason why we experience confusion        

08:28 Fears associated with leaving a career in medicine

10:27 Not every decision is binary 

12:48 Poor doctors think about “how,” and rich doctors think about “who”

14:20 Concerns related to medicine and getting away from financial freedom  

17:36 Having a value hierarchy will help you make decisions

19:17 Thoughts on creating a framework for decision making

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