How to be Superhuman featuring Dr. Kien Vuu [Limitless MD, Episode 12]


Are you a doctor wondering how to achieve vitality and freedom in your life? Today’s guest has the answer. Dr. Kien Vuu started out as an interventional radiologist and was living the dream life. He had the dream car, the house, all the things that should have made him happy, yet he felt empty and unfulfilled. He took some time to think about what he really wanted from his life, and it led to him becoming the most authentic version of himself and gaining true wealth, health, and freedom. He now helps others become the more vibrant versions of themselves and joins me this week to share his inspiring journey.

If you’re not feeling as though you love the life you live, you need to tune in this week for this game-changing conversation. Dr. Vuu shares how he helps people reach optimal health, longevity, and peak performance in their lives, and how his experiences have shaped him into the man he is today. Hear why he now feels like he is living a purpose-driven life, the reason so many doctors are burnt out and how to overcome the problem, and his advice to anybody feeling stuck in their life right now.

“Life is supposed to feel vibrant, exuberant, and exciting. You should be pumped about what you’re doing and how you’re living your life.”

– Dr. Kien Vuu



In This Episode:

0:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

1:16 Hear Dr. Vuu’s background and how he got to where he is today

03:20 Dr. Vuu shares where he found himself 5 years into interventional radiology

4:50 Are you feeling low-energy, overworked, and burned out? Here are 3 concrete steps you can do right now to shift your energy and take your life to the next level

5:52 Dr. Vuu shares how he has spent his entire life with other people telling him how he should make decisions

8:30 Find out where the longevity, celebrity and media interest came from for Dr. Vuu

9:30 This was the scariest part for Dr. Vuu when he began making the changes to live an optimized, fulfilled life…

12:09 Hear how Dr. Vuu worked towards his authentic self and gained health, wealth, and freedom

14:31 Failure helps shape the person you are today. Here’s Dr. Vuu’s favorite failure he’s made and the reason for it…

16:35 Find out what you need to do to reach optimal health

20:02 Dr. Vuu talks in detail about peptides, hormones, and how your body is affected by these things

22:20 Hear some advice for anybody wanting to move toward their best life and what is available in Dr. Vuu’s clinic

23:30 Dr. Vuu shares the advice he would give to a medical fellow or resident entering the real world of medicine, and what advice they should ignore

25:51 Dr. Vuu and I discuss his advice for living an ideal life

27:00 Wondering how you can work with Dr. Vuu? Here’s a little more information about Dr. Vuu’s Thrive State course…

28:16 Podcast outro






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