How to Beat the Market 80% of the time with Roger Khoury [Limitless MD, Episode 37]


It’s highly possible to beat the market every once in a while, but to do so consistently is quite unlikely…or not? Roger Khoury, the founder of Market Forecasting Academy and creator of Demand Imbalance Arbitrage, argues that with the right technique in place, it is possible to beat the market consistently, at least 80% of the time! 

This claim is not unfounded. It’s a result of years of experience and the skillful execution of a method he has developed over time. This method is also a testament that holds witness to a number of individuals who became successful traders, through his guidance. 

Join this episode as Roger shares the tricks of the trade on how to be a non-traditional trader. Stop wasting your time on a process that no longer fits the demands of the present. Learn how to reframe your mindset to understand the steps you need to take to achieve consistent, market-beating performance.


“There’s something when you’re just focused on not being right but doing what is right and exercising the muscle virtue in a process that brings out the best in you.”

– Roger Khoury



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

03:37 Find out what happens, particularly to your business’ performance, when the market changes 

05:22 Check out these 4Cs which explain why you’re not succeeding in business consulting

06:40 This is the #1 problem in the industry and the #1 complaint among professionals and amateurs in the industry

08:42 Learn more about the rubber band analogy and how it relates to trading

10:05 This is the reason why Roger never gave up despite all the struggles he went through…

14:08 This is one of the most interesting side-effects of the 4Cs model

17:14 Examine the driving forces behind the accuracy and consistency of the analysis process that Roger developed 

20:31 Here’s the problem with the traditional model, and why it no longer works…

21:13 Discover the secret to Roger’s success

 27:47 You should never come to the market with the need to trade

32:22 Learn how your trading position has everything to do with your frame of mind  and internal baggage that goes unresolved 

36:06 Podcast Outro



Resources mentioned: 

– Market Forecasting Academy –




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