How to Become a CMO with Dr. Sunil Madan [Limitless MD, Episode 117]

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There’s no direct path to becoming a hospital’s CMO (Chief Medical Officer). However, you certainly need to have an affinity for learning. Besides incorporating the knots and bolts of the business, you need to find a mentor who can guide you through every step of the process. Furthermore, focusing on the execution of projects rather than perfecting them is crucial for this position. But don’t take it from me. Today’s guest will explain what it looks like for doctors to get into a hospital’s leadership.

Dr. Sunil Madan is the real deal. He’s been an acclaimed and reputable ER doctor in Maryland. At the present time, Sunil is the Chief Medical Officer at Luminis Health. Moreover, he’s an entrepreneur at heart. As well as starting clinics and venture capital companies, he has explored artificial intelligence and digital assistance. 

These are some of the topics we cover during the episode:   

  • First steps for becoming a CMO
  • The transition from manager to leader
  • Dealing with the criticism from MDs to CMOs 
  • Advice for doctors who want to explore new opportunities
  • Why do some hospitals choose inside CMOs and others don’t

You don’t necessarily have to have an MBA to be a CMO. However, you need to acquire some sort of leadership training. You would also benefit from having a deep understanding of finance, business, and management. If this is a path you are considering, don’t hesitate to contact Sunil or me for further guidance. You got this. Be phenomenal.  

It’s all about execution. You can have a million ideas, but it’s all about execution.” – Dr. Sunil Madan

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:50 Introduction of Dr. Sunil Madan

01:41 Sunil’s origin story     

02:47 First steps for becoming a CMO

04:23 How getting a mentor can help you 

05:01 Importance of execution for doctors     

06:00 The transition from manager to leader 

07:24 Next steps for experienced doctors to be CMOs

09:06 Dealing with the criticism from MDs to CMOs 

10:50 Current models of quality over cost in different hospitals

12:40 Members of the leadership team in a hospital

14:02 How to have lasting power as a CMO

15:47 Navigating the changing dynamics of a hospital

17:53 What to do to get out of the comfort zone and keep learning

19:20 Why Sunil misses practicing medicine at the present time 

20:02 Advice for doctors who want to explore new opportunities

21:20 Effects of the rise of private equity in the medical space

23:18 What to do in detail if you want to be the executive of a hospital

24:36 Being the director of your department before becoming the CMO

25:23 Making the jump from being a physician to a hospital leader

26:11 Why do some hospitals choose inside CMOs and others don’t

27:01 What’s next for Sunil

28:24 How to get in touch with Sunil

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